Help aid reach Ukrainians!

SÕBRALT SÕBRALE is a social enterprise that seeks to create opportunities for positive change. Ukrainian refugees have reached Estonian soil, and they need our help to obtain basic things needed for everyday living (clothes, shoes, food, furniture for their temporary homes etc.). We are partnering with Estonian Refugee Council, county administrators, and local churches.

Support refugees in Estonia:


  • Receiver: Sihtasutus Sõbralt Sõbrale
  • Account: Swedbank IBAN: EE742200221024680175
  • Description: Ukraina toetuseks

Sõbralt Sõbrale stores are accepting donations for clothing and items that are clean and in good condition. Please note that the donations will not be directly sent out to refugees but are sold at our locations.

All donations received are recorded under separate bookkeeping and profits from donated items are used for charity. Each purchase starts a new Caring Together cycle which benefits families in need by taking in count their specific needs and helping support their mental health.

We believe each contribution, no matter how little, can lead to big changes!
Let’s care. Always
For more information email at

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NB! The store credit received through the application expires in 3 months.

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