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Create sustainably and make it unique

Ideas for DIY, furnishing and styling your home through repurposing furniture and clothing.

Repurposing and doing good are at the heart of our lifestyle at Sõbralt Sõbrale. On this page you will find our collection of ideas on how to give a new life to old things.

Every project on this page uses stuff found at our locations including furniture, clothing, and other items that are given a new look through widely available and affordable tools and methods.

We believe that good role models are contagious! Take on a DIY project on your own or together with your friends or kids, sharing your results with us using #sõbraltsõbrale

Below you’ll find

  • Instructions on how to easily restore second-hand furniture found at our locations and how to style thrifted clothing.
  • Ideas on how to furnish and style your home through repurposing materials
  • Ideas for DIY projects that are fun and safe to do together with your children
  • Ways to decorate and furnish your home while saving the environment

Furniture recycling

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Kitchen utensils recycling

DIY: Lillepotisaia õpetus

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