Summer camps and work camps

Twice a year, Sõbralt Sõbrale puts together a camp at Nuutsaku resort for children who come from difficult backgrounds. The camps provide them an opportunity to be part of a caring and happy family. Children can learn to shape their own futures towards the positive through informative games and activities.

For teenagers, we also have working camps, which are a popular part of Estonian culture. It’s a camp that a group of teenagers can join, but in addition to regular camp activities teens can try their hand at different jobs under the supervision of adults. This helps them learn practical skills for the future as well as build confidence and develop their resumes. Among the list of tested jobs are making firewood, painting saunas, and cleaning up forests from litter. These are accompanied with life skills workshops such as finding your strengths, budgeting and how to plan out your own growth in skills and life goals.

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