Door to Dreams

Initative Door to Dreams aims to support the dreams of children and helping fulfill them. They can be anything from joining a hobby group, afford trainings, music lessons, a bicycle or any additional studies.

We wish to see children’s dreams come true despite any financial challenges their families might face. Providing just financial aid only goes so far, we believe feeling noticed and building meaningful relationships are more important. That is why we believe having a contact person is such an important concept. We believe that seemingly small steps can seem huge for children and carry way more meaning than we would’ve ever thought of! We wish to inspire people to notice the big and small doors towards dreams in the lives of children and youth, especially those we can help to open.

Requirements for support:

  • Having a contact person
  • This dream cannot be covered by other means (like government aid)
  • Correctly filled out form
  • Feedback if your application is accepted

    Information for the child/young person

    Contact person’s information

    If you wish to support the project Door to Dreams, you can do so by sending your donation to:

    • Receiver: Sihtasutus Sõbralt Sõbrale
    • Account: Swedbank IBAN: EE742200221024680175
    • Description: Door to Dreams

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