I Want To Give

Sobralt Sobrale secondhand stores are accepting donations for items, books, furniture, and clothing items that are clean and in good condition. By bringing your donations to us, you are helping us advance a sustainable and repurposing cycle, which we like to call the Caring Together lifestyle.

You can bring your stuff to any of our locations during our business hours. Not sure if your item is in a good condition? Ask yourself – would you feel comfortable giving it to a friend? If so, it will do well finding a new home through our store.

I want to give my time – come join us as a volunteer or an intern

Our volunteers are changing the world through all their big and small deeds that kickstart another cycle of caring. Most importantly, they are positively changing their own view of the world. Volunteering is known to foster positive emotions, a welcomed change to everyday routines, and provide opportunities for discovering the world and developing oneself.

Everyone has something to offer, be it good listening skills, initiative, or a simple smile. Do you have any specialty skills that you’re excited to share through volunteering? Are you looking for a place for an internship that enables you to put your knowledge to practice? As the largest social enterprise in Estonia, we have a range of opportunities for you to explore. Come on your own or together with friends, coworkers, or school mates.

We are looking for people who:

  • Love interacting with others
  • Have ideas they are willing to share and bring to life
  • Share this feeling of being on a mission as well as appreciation for recycling and doing good

What does volunteering offer to me?

Volunteering is a great way to find new acquaintances, develop your personal skills and acquire new experiences. You get to join us on our Caring Together cycle and help families in need.

What does our organization offer you?

  • Flexible schedule
  • Special events for volunteers
  • Supportive peers

I want to help financially – join our sponsorship program!

Donating financially you will have a direct impact on our Caring Together initatives and Counseling Centre. Your impact matters.

Let’s care. Always.

  • Receiver: Sihtasutus Sõbralt Sõbrale
  • Swedbank IBAN: EE742200221024680175
  • Memo: Hoolime Koos (Caring Together)

Vabatahtlikuna meie kauplustes saad sorteerida kaupu, kujundada ja korrastada müügisaali väljapanekuid, koristada laoruume ja müügisaali, parandada mööblit, tehnikat, suhelda klientidega ja olla osa ühest sõbralikust ja inspireerivast meeskonnast.

Kas sulle meeldib pildistada või videosid teha? Kas sa oskad vene, inglise või leedu keelt kirjakeelena? Kas sul on loovad mõtted, kuidas teha sotsiaalne ettevõte nähtavamaks?

Turunduse- või kommunikatsioonialase praktika saad läbi viia meie Tartu kontoris või kodukontoris. Pakume Sulle võimalust saada erialaseid kogemusi ja lüüa oma oskustega kaasa heategevusliku ja taaskasutusliku mõtteviisi levitamiseks.

Hoolime Koos projektides saad aidata vabatahtlikuna kui Sa:

  • oskad vene keelt kirjakeelena, või
  • sulle meeldib aidata ettevalmistustel laagriteks ja projektideks, või
  • sa oskad parandada jalgratast, või
  • sul on oskuseid, millest võiks olla kasu Hoolime Koos projektides

Kui Sa tahad tulla vabatahtlikuks või praktikale ja luua võimalusi headeks muutusteks, siis pane oma valik teele siin:

Tahan tulla vabatahtlikuks ja esitan avalduse